OD151· Description: The Drive3 Overdrive is one of the most versatile overdrive pedals out there. It has two distinct circuits – an LED overdrive and a diode overdrive – allowing you to get many of the classic sounds of other pedals on the market. We’ve also added a third mode, which is a combination of both circuits, allowing for a new type of sound, combining it with the more traditional overdrive. The drive circuit contains

the famous JRC4558 chip, which “tone masters” rave about – plus two additional replaceable op amps can be switched out to allow for even more tonal variation. We’re sure you’ll find your sound with the Drive3 Overdrive!

· The controls:

VOLUME: Turn this knob to adjust the pedal’s output volume.

TONE: Turn this knob to adjust the brightness or darkness of the sound.

DRIVE: Turn this knob to adjust the amount of “crunch” in your sound. At low levels, it will sound like a lightly overdrive tube amp. At high levels, it can sound like a full-stack at 10!

DRIVE3 SWITCH: Use this switch to select the type of drive circuit. “Boost” increases the gain by approximately 6 dB – ideal for giving some extra kick to your lead sound.

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