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  • This new concept combines a programmable controller and multiple effects into a single platform eliminating all connecting cables. This complete sound effects platform allow the musician to store preset sound and tone combination into a preset memory setting for easy access. The quick access switch allows you to activate the desired sound and tone effects you wanted. All these comes in a convenient portable smaller package for carrying around to your gigs and
    performances without the worry of missing cables.


■ Effects module easy to replace with our new spring locking design without using any tools to greatly reduce pedal linked cable noises and maintain the line signal intensity.
■ This new design layout is visually simple and clean for easy access.
■ Preset sound and tone effects are easy accessible from stored memory.
■ Digital delay and Reverb setting can be stored in preset memory for easy access, as well as the TAP Tempo Delay function.
■ This effects system comes in three models : 4 effects , 7 effects and 10 effects in one platform to meet different users requirements.
■ True Bypass Designed.
■ The complete effects platform is CNC aluminum molded , light weight and yet maintains the traditional effect pedals styling.
■ More effects module supply.



Each switch ( A to D ) is capable of activating either the RED or the BLUE track of stored effects. Giving you 8 preset combination.
1. After installing Tuner Module, Hold down A and B switch to activate tuner mode. Press any switch to deactivate tuner mode.
2. After installing Boost Effect Module, switch to “LIVE” mode to use Boost effect ( Green Light indicate Boost effect is active).
3. After installing Digital Delay Effect Module, a quick double tap will enter into Tap Tempo mode (Flashing lights indicate Tap Tempo mode is activated). To deactivate Tap Tempo mode, just hold down preset switch for 2 sec, indicator lights should stop flashing)
4. How to store effect into Preset switch (A – D into RED or Blue Track)
a. Power Up the Effect System.
b. Press any Preset switch (A to D) , indicator will light up and will be in ready mode to program any effect to be stored into this activated Preset switch.
c. Select one or more of the above effects (1 to 7) to be programed into the “ready” Preset switch.
d. Preset Switch indicator will blink indicating that effects is assigned to this Preset switch.
e. To complete programming , hold down Preset switch until indicator stops blinking. This indicates that an effect is already assigned to this Preset switch.

  • Installation of Effect Module

Select any effect module and align it to the U-slot to be fitted into the chain of effects corresponding to the (1-7) button below. Make sure the effect module sit and snaps in properly for proper operation.


  • Removing Effect Module

Locate spring snap on clip, depress in the direction indicated by the arrow to release the catch and remove effect module accordingly.


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Power InterfaceINPUT×1,RETURN×1,Power Interface×1INPUT×1,RETURN×1,Power Interface×1INPUT×1,RETURN×1,Power Interface×1
Module channel4710
Preset tone3812
Switchchannel(module)switch×4,Preset switch×3channel(module)switch×7,Preset switch×4,page key ×1channel(module))switch×10,Preset switch×4×6,page key ×1
Double tap to Preset
(TAP Tempo)
TAP Tempo SupportSupportSupport
Power SupplyAC adaptorAC adaptorAC adaptor
AccessoriesAC adaptor×1, Instruction Manu(packing box)×1AC adaptor×1, Instruction Manu(packing box)×1AC adaptor×1, Instruction Manu(packing box)×1
SelectableLivemaster-modular-effect, carrying caseLivemaster-modular-effect, carrying caseLivemaster-modular-effect, carrying case