Distortion Modular EffectDS151


  • Description:The DS-151 modular effect is based by ‘RAT’. With 3-Way Toggle Switch is one of the most versatile distortion pedals out there. It has Three distinct circuits – an LED distortion and a diode distortion – allowing you to get many of the classic sounds of other pedals on the market. We’ve also added a third mode, which is a combination of both circuits, allowing for a new type of sound, combining it with the more traditional distortion. Whether you’re playing blistering leads or thick chords, this pedal boasts superior tone and clarity. We’re sure you’ll find your sound with the Drive3 Distortion! All Livemaster effector is True-Bypass.

    A combination using high quality American chipset with famous classic circuitry to create a round, thick tone with lots of clarity which it very similar to Tube sounding. DS-151 will make your guitar tone stand out.

  • The controls:VOLUME: Turn this knob to adjust the pedal’s output volume.

    TONE: Turn this knob to adjust the brightness or darkness of the sound.

    DISTORTION: Turn this knob to adjust the amount of distortion in your sound.

    DRIVE3 SWITCH: Use this switch to select the type of drive circuit. The three settings vary a bit in gain structure and tone, which you’ll notice most in the “attack” of your sound.

    A-Soft drive tone

    B-Fuzz sound

    C-Middle boost drive tone