Boost Modular EffectBT151


  • Description:The BT-151 clean boost will be made with True Bypass and will make your sound clearer and more meaningful. ±12dB active low/high EQ. Depending on the guitar the BT-151 can deliver a little bit of drive for great open chords. A pedal to turn on and never turn off again. All Livemaster effector is True-Bypass.
  • The controls:BOOST: Turn this knob to adjust the gain volume of the boost.2-WAY TOGGLE SWITCH:

    PRESET – Modes that operate as presets in the same manner as conventional ‘Livemaster’ pedals.

    LIVE-Can be used as a separate channel independent of preset mode. ‘C’ channel supported on 4frame and ‘↑↓’ channel on 7, 10 frame.