Delay Modular EffectAD151


  • AD-151Description:

    Analog delay is an effect that creates repeated echoes of the input signal. The Analog Custom Shop ,Analog Delay is – as the name suggests – pure analog. Analog delays have a very particular warmth and character that digital delays can only imitate and never truly replicate. Consequently, a pedal like this is a must-have for any guitarist who wants a natural, organic echo sound. We’re sure you’ll find your sound with the Analog Delay! All Livemaster effector is True-Bypass.

  • The controls:BLEND: Turn this knob to adjust the balance of the “dry” (unaffected) signal and the “wet” (delay) signal.

    TIME: Turn this knob to adjust the amount of time (in milliseconds) between repeats of the signal.(0-1100ms)

    REPEAT: Turn this knob to adjust how many echoes of the original signal you will hear. This control is called “Feedback” on other delays because the signal is fed back into the input, mixing the echoes back into the sound. Turning this knob to its higher settings can generate some loud feedback, so use it with caution.